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NYC Kindergarten Application 2023: Who can Apply, Deadline

Check out the NYC kindergarten application process, eligibility requirements, deadline, and more in this article.

The kindergarten application is now available for your child who was born in 2019 and lives in New York City. They are qualified to attend kindergarten in fall 2024. You can apply for kindergarten by January 19, 2024.

Children may enter kindergarten in New York City in September of the calendar year when they turn five years old. And kids or children are guaranteed a kindergarten seat in a New York City public school. Once your child starts kindergarten school, he/she may stay in the same school until his or her final primary grade is completed. Parents can watch video series to learn more about kindergarten entry or when to register for kindergarten in 2023-2024.

Who can apply for kindergarten?

  • Five-year-old children can be eligible for admission to public school kindergarten.
  • Must be a resident of New York City.
  • Children who are born in 2019, will be qualified for kindergarten in September 2024.

NYC Kindergarten Application 2023

To apply when the application period is open, select up to 12 kindergarten programs you would like your child to attend.

you need to add these programs to their kindergarten application.

Order these school options in the app in order of your preference, with your favorite school having to top as #1.

How to Apply for Kindergarten in NYC

There are three ways to apply for kindergarten application 2023: online with my schools, by phone, and by visiting the family welcome center.

Apply Online:

You can apply for your kindergarten application online at The application form is available in multiple languages, like English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Haitian Creole, Korean, or French. Parents need to create an account and log in to complete the application form when it becomes available.

Apply by Phone:

You can contact NYC kindergarten customer care at 718-935-2009 if you are applying for kindergarten. Here, interpretation assistance is available in over 200 languages, which you can select according to your needs.

Apply by Family Welcome Center

The parents can submit the NYC kindergarten application in 2023 through the Family Welcome Center (FWC). Visit the web page of Family Welcome Centers and applying for kindergarten in NYC.

NYC kindergarten application deadline 2023

December 5, 2023 K Application Opens
January 19, 2024 K Application Closes
March 27, 2024Kindergarten Offer Release

Can a 4-year-old start kindergarten in New York

No, According to state policies in New York, NY law states that a child must turn 5 years old on or before December 1 to enroll in kindergarten application.